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How Would You Like An Alarm Clock That Actually Alarms You Each Morning?

Meet the ALARMclock. It looks like your typical alarm clock from the outside but this is no ordinary alarm clock. The difference is that this one wakes you up each morning by letting you know what your current bank account balance is, how many friends you currently have on Facebook, and what your current projected life expectancy is.

Basically, you will be woken up with reminders of the harsh realities of life. Now waking up to hear how many days you have left to live may sound morbid to some but according to the designers this product will “help people become more ambitious and realize their realities.”

“It has real edge, and is very playful with its intent”

Financial data can be anything from account balance to investment performance to 401k. All financial information can be gathered via API or by securely connecting to your financial institution. To gather your amount of friends, you will simply connect to social networks and ALARMclock will quantify this data for you. Your projected life expectancy is based on your age, health, lifestyle, diet, family history, and other factors. You can even control when and how often your data is displayed with the control panel. The great thing about this product is that it’s completely customizable and you can control what truths are being sent your way each morning. If hearing your bank account balance isn’t your cup of tea, why not opt to see the value of a stock?

This innovative new product has a bright 2-bit LED screen, retro animation, and a beautiful rich wood enclosure. The enclosure is hand-built from FSC-certified bamboo by PHAW custom Woodworks in the borough of Bronx, New York and has a real modern look to it. You can set up a WiFi connection and customize all ALARMclock features from your desktop, phone, or tablet.

Some of you might hear this information and decide that it’s easier to just crawl back under the covers or wake up feeling blissfully ignorant. However, hearing this information first thing in the morning is meant to motivate you to get out of bed and take control of these aspects of your life. You will be shocked awake instead of waking up in a sugar coated daze. There are even plans for future updates that will include a broader range of data: such as deforestation rates, or box office receipts. The possibilities are endless.

This product is currently on Kickstarter with 255 backers, 8 days to go, and already $24,101 has been pledged. (That’s over triple the original goal of $7,000.) This product estimated retail cost of this product is around $85.

Tech Specs:

Chip: Raspberry Pi - Model B, Processor: Broadcom 700 MHz, Memory: 512 Mb

SDRAM, Display: Bi-color 8x32 bi-color LED grid displaying red, green and yellow, Connectivity: Wifi, USB 2.0, Power Supply: 110V.

Source - Kickstarters

Sarah Beecroft: ZAGG Internet Marketing rockstar, fitness enthusiast, foodie, and lover of new technology. You can find her browsing the web in search of the latest and greatest technology news, catching up on the latest videogame, and reflecting on life in general.

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