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LoseIt Free iPhone Weight Loss Application Review

We are coming up on a whole new year, and you know what that means: New Years Resolutions! A fair number of us are going to be adding the loss of at least a few pounds to that resolutions list, and a large chunk of that group will have given up by February. It is the inevitable culling of the overeager that has become as much of an annual tradition as setting the goal itself.

But you don't have to be one of the quitters when you have the right tools. A great one to keep around is Lose It.

How It Works

This is a pretty standard, but very helpful, application that tracks your calories in versus calories out. You keep track of everything you eat and it adds up your daily caloric “budget”. When you exercise, it negates some of those calories, and leaves you with an amount you are under your daily requirement for maintaining your weight.

Your result to this monitoring? Weight loss!


There are many applications out there for tracking your food intake and calories burned, of course. But this one is really straight forward and easy to use, with a basic but efficient interface. No frills, no need to set up an account elsewhere. Just answer some questions to get your plan, and you will be on your way!

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