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Savannah Stopover Music Festival Review

The Savannah Stopover Music Festival is March 6-8, 2014! Anyone who has been to this annual event in the past knows why it is such an exciting festival. Over the course of three days there will be hundreds of bands that participate in a massive concert. You can take part yourself, and now there is an app that will help you navigate it.

How It Works

Get a full look at the schedule and select what concerts you want to attend. There are literally hundreds to choose from, many occurring at the same time at different locations at the venue. So you can create your own schedule and follow it through the festival.

Get directions to stages, find out more about the performers, get links to social media pages and a lot more. All with this one handy application.

What People Are Saying

The event hasn't happened yet, so no one has had much chance to use it. But if you are attending the Savannah Stopover then this is a must-have. Plus, it is free. Having checked it out myself, I would imagine once the event comes the reviews for this baby are going to be pretty high. It is the easiest way to schedule your own show itinerary you can find

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