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Space Settlers Review

Bring all the excitement of an online multi-player RPG to your apple device. This interesting game combines elements of real time strategy with a stats building format to give you the best of both worlds, all at your fingertips.

The Story

Based around the discovery last year of the Higgs Boson, or “God Particle”, it follows a world that has been thrust into technological and scientific advancement. Utilizing the “Dark Energy Crystal” found as a consequence, man has now taken to space using mecha chariots and colonizing other worlds.

You can command one of those ships, battling planets, building your stats, making upgrades to your mecha and more. All while interacting with the many players who have already discovered this slick, new sci-fi universe.

What People Are Saying

Players have been very impressed with the quality of Space Settlers. The graphics are good, the gameplay is consistent and the features are just what you would hope for in an RPG and RTS style platform. Both causal and elite gamers will find it to be a fun and social game they can enjoy away from their computer.


This is one of the better RTS/RPG games on iTunes right now. The gameplay is more detailed than many, the graphics superior and even the story is interesting and well thought out. Enough people play that you can enjoy plenty of interaction, but not too many to ruin things with over saturation.

It is clear why it comes so highly recommended.

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