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Flow iPhone To-Do List Manager Review

There are a lot of time and schedule management apps out there right now. Most are pretty good, thanks to the idea being so basic and the needs for all people being pretty similar. But I am always looking for apps that allow you to sync with online programs and task lists, just to make things that much easier.

Recently, I came across this gem that goes a step further. It makes your task lists social, so you can  actually assign things to other people. This has both personal and professional applications, and I have been using my own for both.

How It Works

You simply create projects and folders, list tasks within those categories, and then delegate those tasks to people you have put on your list. They sync up with your account through their own app, and it alerts them when they are given a new project.

When some folder or item is commented on, tasks are completed or someone has a question, you will be given a notification. It is similar to the way you are alerted on a social network, such as Facebook or Twitter. You can then respond or delegate a new task.

What Users Are Saying

I have seen a ton of positive reviews about this app, and a lot of people have started adopting it recently. As a relatively new release it is still getting a lot of updates and some changes are being made. But Flow existed before the iOS version, so the bugs have pretty much been worked out and the main system perfected.

All in all, it is a great task management and organization application that lets you sync up with others on a social level. I have used it to coordinate professional projects, and also to communicate with friends and family about events or daily chores. I would recommend it.

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