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Tips on How to Free Up Storage on your iOS Devices

Have you ever noticed that your iOS device storage space is filling up fast? Well if you do below will be several tips on how to free up some space.

1. Remove Apps - If you download an app that you used once or twice and believe you may never use them again, then just delete them and that can save you from anywhere 1 MB to all the way up to 1.5 GB.

2. Remove all unwanted music. If you are on a shared computer and many different people in your house have different music on the one computer and you only listen to 1 GB out of 6GB on your computer, then make a playlist for yourself and within your iTunes iOS device setting when you plug it into your computer, select Music at the top bar and uncheck all music and check selected playlists and then select the playlist you just made for yourself.

3. Removed watched movies/videos. If you're a big traveler and have many movies on your iOS device, remove the ones you already watched or unwanted on your iOS device anymore. If you still want to have many movies/videos on your iOS device, you can have them on an external WiFi mobile hard drive that can hold all your movie/video files on it. Here is one that I suggest you look at:

4. Empty out your Photos/Camera Roll. If you have a sibling or child that takes pictures that are unwanted, just delete them. Also, don't sync your whole photo libary to your phone; only sync wanted pictures.

If you just do some of those steps listed above, you can easily clear up many MB or even many GB of space on your iOS device.


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