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MatteBox: The Best Camera App for iOS

That's right. MatteBox. Funny name for a camera app right? But this slightly pricey little app is a powerful companion to the iPhone 4S's amazing 5-stage 8MP rear facing camera. I'll mention up front that this app is $4.99 so, sorry if I got your hopes up but if you're willingg to drop that kind of cash, you'll easily get your moneys worth. 

MatteBox is designed to mimic the interface of an actual DSL camera. Now, obviously a camera is only as good as it's lens. (Not true, a camera is REALLY only as good as it's user!) What I mean to say is that this camera will not make your photos as high-quality as those of a DSL. It does however give you that feel of being a professional photographer and, with the camera on the 4S and even the 4, gives you damn good images.

It doesn't stop there. MatteBox is a complete app for pro users in iPhotography. It offers not only the simple, minimalistic yet powerful user interface to take your pictures, it has an equally intuitive and creative editing app built it. You can crop your photo to the major proportions which is great for prepping photos for Instagram. You can just as easily adjust settings like contrast, saturation, exposure, white balance and even add a vignette. Use the sliders or use the sliding gestures programmed right into the app to change the levels of each. You can even import photos that were taken with other camera apps to edit them with it's amazing set of tools.

That right there is a photo I created from start to finish in MatteBox on my iPhone just last week. It's a perfect example of how amazing and precise this app is. This app is a full featured editor for photos on the iPhone. While Camera+ and other competitors are comparable to a MacBook Pro level of photo editing, I'd say MatteBox is the Mac Pro of photo editing. If you want professional photos from your iPhone, this $4.99 app is without a doubt a must for your device.

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