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Review: Mobee Magic Numpad

If you're like me, you have both an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad. While I love the bluetooth keyboard, I really wish Apple would include a wireless model with the number pad attached. After some searching, I have found a product that solves this problem; the Mobee Magic Numpad.

Out of the box, this product is a pretty simple one. This product features three different decals that can go on the trackpad, each of them a little different. There is also a pen in the box for writing custom keyboard shortcut names on the decals, as well as a card with the serial key to Mobee's Magic Numpad software.

Setting this product is pretty easy. After applying the desired decal to your Magic Trackpad, simply download and run the Magic Numpad software. From here, you can create custom shortcuts and assign the keys to open applications. Assigning these shortcuts really couldn't be easier, and I found that it comes in handy to be able to cut, copy, and paste with the tap of a single key. I also assigned my mail application to be opened by a single tap of the Numpad.

After using the Magic Numpad for about a month, I can conclude that it's very useful, but not for everyone. I found the Numpad especially useful when entering a lot of digits, such as with my accounting assignments. However, some people may look at this product and think they're paying for some stickers. If you don't find yourself entering a lot of numbers on a daily/weekly basis, then this product isn't for you. Overall, I found this product very useful. If you have the Apple Wireless Keyboard and want a number pad, this may be a way to go.

I would like to thank Mobee for sending this product my way for review. If you're interested, you can learn more about the Magic Numpad right here. Be sure to check me out on YouTube and Twitter for tons of technology content!

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