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Have you ever wanted to play a game where you had limitless possibilities on what you could build or create? From building tall structures to surviving the creatures of the night, Minecraft has left a mark on the way pc games are played. A Normal first person perspective game would give you a gun or a sword and a wave of enemy’s to defend yourself from. However, this game gives you everything you need in creative mode, or only your bare hands in survival mode. You can create a large civilization or survive the lands on what you can salvage. Explore the world and find new things, and new possibilities. Minecraft is one fun and addictive game that I would strongly recommend to any one that hasn’t played it.

Before I go into details on why I recommend you try it out, I want to explain something first. If you go to the Minecraft site you can buy the beta. Why buy the beta? Well if you buy the beta now, when the game is done and finished you get the actual game for free. That’s always a bonus right? So let me begin with the explanations. When I stated you had limitless possibilities on what you could create, I wasn’t joking. You can create as much as you want in creative mode, as long as you have a very active imagination and time. You are given the material’s you might need (Bricks, stones, iron, etc.) in order to create large or small structures. However in survival mode you are not limited in creativity, but you do have to manage your hunger, life, etc. You also have to gather materials in which you use to craft items such as pickaxes, shovels, beds, doors, and so on.  Having the right equipment essential for certain elements. For example, if you have only your bare hands, then digging up dirt and grass would take no time at all. However digging up rocks would take a little more time. Now with a pickaxe it would be a lot quicker to dig through the rocks. All of this makes the game more interesting and enjoyable.

This game does have an interesting assortment of creatures that come out during the night.   You do have to defend yourself from these creatures. One of my personal favorites is the Creepers. A Creeper is a green creature that hops around the map, however if one of them gets close to you they start to making a hissing noise that sounds like a fuse being set on fire. It will then start to flash, after only a few seconds it will explode. If it is near your house then there will be some missing chunks. They do make quite the boom.  Another strange creature is endermen. Before I go into an explanation on what the Endermen look like, it kind of reminds me of Slenderman. Maybe just a coincidence. Anyway, Endermen are tall black creatures with white eyes and purple irises. If you move your curser over them and held it for over a second then they will freeze, if you move it only a pixel then it will charge you at full speed. The only annoying thing a Endermen does, is take blocks from your structure and move it somewhere else. Monster ranges from skeletons shooting arrows at you, from zombies chasing you to eat you, giant mutant spiders. With all of the enemies in mind you do have methods of defeating them. You could make swords or axes and such to use as weapons. You can also use lava against them as well by using a lava bucket. (This of course dumps lava on the ground) So the enemies are not too difficult if you have the right equipment.

Although Minecraft has a lot of cool things in it, there is one thing about this game that I like personally. That’s the day to night time transition. It’s so smooth and fluent. The only hint you get that the day will end or the night is ending, is a short but yet pleasant melody. Then the day would slowly flow into place. Games that have this smooth effect are games such as Oblivion or Fallout. Another cool yet odd effect is the shading and the glow of the graphics. At first I used to call these graphics “High Definition Pixels.” Because the blocks reminded me of pixels. 

All in all, aside from the difficulty of the game being quite high and low, I’d have to say this game got me hooked as soon as I play it. When I do play it, I don’t stop until I finish a certain project. So overall, the game is defiantly worth the buy. There is an online multiplayer as well, but a server costs money. But there are methods to playing with your friends without having to buying a server, which is the Hamachi method. This generally links two networks, so it’s like a LAN match more than anything. But it still works. Well thanks for reading, and see you next time.

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